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Way to go, Wichita!

Wichita, Kansas, enthusiastically showed its interest in highlighting its destination to faith-based travel planners and will host the Going On Faith Conference as a result.

If a city wants to host an annual travel event like the Going On Faith Conference, Joe Cappuzzello is always happy to hear from them.  A destination must demonstrate its ability to treat 300 delegates like they’re the most important people in town, he says. That’s the main criteria for a city that submits a request for proposal to host this annual event.

“We look at three things,” explained Cappuzzello, president of the Group Travel Family, which selects the host cities and manages the conferences. “No. 1 is the destination and the bid they put in. No. 2 is the physical facilities, and in Wichita we will hold the conference at a Hyatt Regency Hotel, which is entirely self-contained. The third is: Do we feel like we’ll be taken care of? We don’t go to big cities. We like to go to places where we feel special and our guests are looked after.”

That’s why Wichita, with its Midwestern hospitality, won Cappuzzello over.

“These cities are investing in us so it is in both of our interests,” he said. “This is a marketing opportunity, brand awareness, a chance for them to showcase their city to a very strategic clientele.”

For more information about hosting the Going on Faith Conference, e-mail: or call him at (800) 628-0993.