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Educating church management is key to success

The bonds created while traveling are obvious to group travel leaders. Warm friendships develop during group vacations that can last a lifetime. Faith-based trips can have an even deeper effect, because not only do they encourage fellowship with other passengers, they also can strengthen a person’s faith. If a religious trip is tied to a…



Websites Can Help Sell Your Group Trips

Having a Web presence is an important step in marketing your future faith-based trips to potential travelers.



Faith Travel 101: Let Church Events Help You Recruit Members

It is helpful to use church events to find new people interested in religious trips.



Faith Travel 101: Keep Your Church Staff in the Loop

One of the key ingredients that keeps everyone happy during faith-based travel is good communication with church staff.



Faith Travel 101: Balancing Your Budget is Key

Balancing the budget may not be the most exciting part of your travel group, but it is still important.



How to successfully plan a day trip

Shorter trips can benefit you as the travel planner, since day trips can increase a sense of belonging to the church travel program.



Church travel trends

Consider some of these strategies for planning trips that emphasize group fellowship.



Tips for fellowship on the road

Consider some of these strategies for planning trips that emphasize group fellowship.



Faith-based tourism saw mixed results

We interviewed three leaders in the industry about the faith-travel market.



Faith Travel 101 – How to plan group transportation

Knowing how to handle your transportation needs can help make your trip a success.