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Great Sights of South Dakota

Follow Interstate 90 to some of the most popular places in South Dakota from east to west.



A Moving Experience in Oklahoma City

Publisher Mac Lacy, reflects on his visit to the Oklahoma City National Memorial.


Tualatin Valley: An Oregon Gem

Oregon’s Tualatin Valley encompasses the notable scenery and fertile farmland that is characteristic of the state.



Sights and Sounds of Tennessee

From its northeast corner to its southwest tip, Tennessee resounds with some of America’s best music.



Washington D.C.

America’s capital combines new attractions and old favorites.



Irish Meets Amish in South Bend

This northern Indiana city has a diverse menu for groups.



Eating in Rome

Brian Jewell makes some suggestions for eating in Rome



Jordan: Of Sandstone and Sanctuary

Mac Lacy discovers a wealth of biblical sites on a tour of Jordan.



As Seen on TV: Monroe-West Monroe

In north-central Louisiana, Monroe and West Monroe have long been quiet towns, twin destinations separated from each other by the Ouachita River. The area has its share of historic and natural attractions, but recent years have brought newfound fame in the form of duck fever.



Touring Texas Treasures

Texas enjoys an identity and an ethos all its own, and groups have plenty of opportunities for unusual experiences when they travel there. The area has a combination of big cities and smaller towns that, together, offer travelers opportunities to visit historic sites, sample international heritage and enjoy some distinctly Texan activities.

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