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Scenic and Salty in Salt Lake City

From dinosaurs to drag racers, Salt Lake City is full of big, bold figures.



Explore Small-Town Charm in Georgia

Some of Georgia’s most compelling stories can be found in its smaller cities and towns.



Go West in Oklahoma

If you’re searching for the authentic Old West, there’s no better place to find it than Oklahoma.



Modern Marvels and European Heritage in Milwaukee

Exploring Milwaukee’s proud past is the best way for groups to appreciate the distinctive character of the city.



The Great Passion Play in Northwest Arkansas

“The Great Passion Play” has been performed in Northwest Arkansas since 1968 and puts on more than 80 performances each season to tell the story of Jesus Christ’s last days on Earth.


Northwest Arkansas: Naturally Attractive

Northwest Arkansas offers a wide variety of activities for faith-based groups, from shopping for inspirational art to exploring the natural settings around the state.



Maryland’s Religious Heritage

Few states offer as much spiritual history as Maryland, which played a vital role in the establishment of religious liberty for all Americans.



Artistic Indiana

From art colonies to quilt gardens, Indiana is a land of color.



Faith Travel Planners to Gather in Cabarrus County

NASCAR, scenery, tradition, hospitality and ambiance help define Cabarrus County for faith planners.



Spiritual Side of Chicago

Next time you take a group to Chicagoland, take the opportunity to see the city through the lens of faith.