Faith Travel 101: Working with Smaller Groups

These tips will help you succeed with small-group trips.


Don’t Miss These Trips

Here are five of the most common missed opportunities in the world of faith-based travel.


Guest Speakers Can Engage Your Church Members

Guest speakers allow someone who wouldn’t glance twice at a trip advertisement a chance to interact with your travel group.


Faith Travel 101: How to Promote Your Trips on Social Media

Brian Jewell shares tips on how to promote your trips using social media as well as a crash course on the most popular social networks.


Creating Flexible Itineraries

Group travel has been moving towards more and more flexible itineraries for years.


Creative Thinking for Memorable Trips

Brian Jewell relates how innovative group lodging ideas will be the next wave of the future for group travel.


How to Get Men to Take Trips

Here are five simple tips for making your travel program more appealing to men.


Finding and Keeping First-Time Travelers

For your faith-based travel group to survive long-term, it is essential to continuously look for first-time travelers.


Faith Travel 101: Calm Travel Fears by Emphasizing Safety

Travel fears still exist in with many when traveling internationally, especially to places that seem exotic or have appeared negatively on the news.


Educating church management is key to success

The easiest and most effective way to convince church management that your travel group is important is to convince them to go on a trip with you