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Virginia Repertory Theatre Sponsored Slideshow

Imagine the joy your group could experience at a performance at the Virginia Repertory Theatre in Richmond, Virginia.



Group Game: State Nicknames

See how well your group knows the United States with this fun game called State Nicknames!



Finding and Keeping First-Time Travelers

For your faith-based travel group to survive long-term, it is essential to continuously look for first-time travelers.



Pre-Conference FAMs Introduce Northern Indiana

This year’s hosts for the Going On Faith Conference being held August 4-6 in South Bend/Mishawaka, Indiana, have created three FAM options.



Pilgrimage Site Receives New Bronze Statue

An Italian woodcrafter recently finished a 10-foot statue of the Mary for the pilgrimage site of Our Lady of San Juan del Valle-National Shrine.



Joyce Meyer to Host Conferences In Eight Cities

Known for her frank and open communication style, Joyce Meyer will speak at worship conferences in eight cities in 2015.



Where in the World: Missions

See if you can name this well-visited mission with our photo quiz!



Adventure South Photo Slideshow

There are plenty of outdoor activities for your group to enjoy in the South.



Sanctuaries of the South Photo Slideshow

View images of storied sanctuaries from across the South.



Presidential South Photo Slideshow

View slides of presidential sites from across the South.