Reflections on Jordan with Banihani

Omar Banihani, North American marketing manager for the Jordan Tourism Board, relates some of the treasures of Jordan including Amman, Petra and a hands-on Jordanian cooking class.


Safety and Once-in-a-Lifetime Sites in Jordan

Faye Brown, faith-based travel coordinator for the Lourie Center, speaks on how safe she felt in Jordan and the sites she found the most personally moving, including Petra at night and Mount Nebo.


Faith-Based Impressions of Jordan

Mike Nieland, owner of Blue Marble Journeys, talks about how Jordan’s many Christian and ancient sites, such as Bethany Beyond Jordan, Mount Nebo and Wadi Rum, appeal to his faith-based groups.


What You Didn’t Know About Jordan

Omar Banihani, North American marketing manager for the Jordan Tourism Board, discusses the extensive ruins of Petra, the popular Dead Sea area and the importance of U.S. travel to Jordan.


Rome’s Botanical Gardens

On a tour with Collette Vacations, Brian Jewell reveals a hidden gem in Rome that you won’t want to miss on your next visit.


The Myth that Saved the Colosseum

Brian Jewell talks about what mistaken idea led to the preservation of an architectural marvel on a tour with Collette Vacations.


St. Peter’s Basilica

Brian Jewell reports from one of the most iconic churches in the world while on a tour with Collette Vacations.


Grand Lucayan Resort

Brian Jewell describes how the Bahamas can make a perfect way to have a great non-traditional group tour.


Dolphin Experience

Brian Jewell talks about one of the most exciting things he says he has every done: a dolphin encounter in the Bahamas.


On the beach in Grand Bahamas Island

Brian Jewell discusses the benefits of sending your group to the beach.