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An App for Christian Travelers

Staying closer to God while exploring the world has never been easier with hundreds of faith-based apps.



Quebec Potatoes Persillade Recipe

Try this recipe for Pommes Persillade, or parsley potatoes, a popular recipe from Quebec.



Group Game: Christmas Word Search

See how many of these 30 Christmas words your group can find in 60 seconds or more!



Holiday Travel Memories

Brian Jewell had never been so cold before, and hopes he’ll never be so cold again.



Four Faith-Based Gift Ideas

Choose one of these charities to shop at this holiday season with a gift in the name of your church travel group.



Group Game: Green Glass Door

Encourage group interaction with this classic mind puzzler game, the Green Glass Door.



Group Game: Rolling Paper Racers

Groups can have a blast racing their rolls up and down the bus during the Rolling Paper Racers group game!



Korean Barbecued Beef Recipe

Try this Korean Barbecued Beef recipe and sample some of the local flavors of Washington County, Oregon.



Where in the World: Chapels

This gorgeous chapel attracts numerous faith-based groups every year. Find out what you know about this American chapel with our photo quiz!



Don’t Forget The Hymn Group Game

See if your group can correctly fill in the blanks for the lyrics of these two traditional Christian hymns!