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Dutch Apple Tart Recipe

Celebrate ethnic heritage this fall with a seasonal Dutch Apple Tart. Enjoy a slice along with other cultural favorites featured in our recent article, Capitals of Culture.



Group Game: Alphabet Knickknacks

This simple game promotes teamwork, since every group has to work together to play.



Boston Cream Pie Recipe

Try your hand at making the state dessert of Massachusetts to get your travelers excited about a trip to Merrimack Valley, featured in our recent article From Mills to Minutemen in Merrimack Valley.



Group Game: Patriotic Crossword

This Fourth of July, quiz your group on their knowledge of our country with the Patriotic Crossword



Learning the Dangers of Hype

Why when a band disappointed Brian Jewell, he learned that quality sells, but uncontrolled expectations almost inevitably leads to disappointment.



Christian Retreats Around the World

Church groups looking to travel while rejuvenating their faith life can choose any of these picturesque, yet simple faith-based retreats.



Don’t Miss These Trips

Here are five of the most common missed opportunities in the world of faith-based travel.



Group Game: Fact or Fiction

Ensure that your group laughs while they get to know each other with this classic icebreaker game.



World’s Most Popular Christian Hikes

These five Christian hikes combine invigorating treks with gorgeous views and religious history for an impactful faith-based experience.



Group Game: Easter Sing-a-Long

See if you’re group can puzzle out the lyrics of this holy song.