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Group Game: Candy Quiz

If snacks alone will not keep your group occupied on a long bus ride, here is a candy-themed game to keep groups thinking! Candy Quiz Candy Quiz Answers Thanks Rebecca Yarbrough, customer service representative of First Georgia Banking Company, for sharing these games! If you have any games you would like to share, email them…



Where in the World: Historic Restaurants

See if you can determine the name and location of this popular historic restaurant with our photo quiz!



Group Game: Highway Alphabet Soup

The Highway Alphabet Soup Game can keep bus passengers’ eyes glued to the window!



Georgia Peach Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

Try this traditional Georgia peach recipe to find out why the fruit still bring people to the Southern state each year.



Where in the World: Squares

See if you can name this famous city square by taking our photo quiz!



Group Game: Brain Teasers

Your group will be scratching their heads to puzzle out these fun brain teasers.



Penny Wise Game

The under-appreciated penny will help your group pass the time in our Penny Wise game.



Where in the World: Religious Theme Park

See if you can identify this famous religious theme park by taking our photo quiz.



Spicy Maryland Crab Dip Recipe

Try this hot crab and cheese dip from Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay region.


Where in the World: Ancient Temples

See if you can name this famous ancient temple that has become a famous archeological site.