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Christian Retreats Around the World

Church groups looking to travel while rejuvenating their faith life can choose any of these picturesque, yet simple faith-based retreats.



Don’t Miss These Trips

Here are five of the most common missed opportunities in the world of faith-based travel.



Group Game: Fact or Fiction

Ensure that your group laughs while they get to know each other with this classic icebreaker game.



World’s Most Popular Christian Hikes

These five Christian hikes combine invigorating treks with gorgeous views and religious history for an impactful faith-based experience.



Group Game: Easter Sing-a-Long

See if you’re group can puzzle out the lyrics of this holy song.



Finding Foodie Experiences

Brian Jewell relates the joy inherent in discovering up-and-coming culinary trends in places around the country.



An App for Christian Travelers

Staying closer to God while exploring the world has never been easier with hundreds of faith-based apps.



Quebec Potatoes Persillade Recipe

Try this recipe for Pommes Persillade, or parsley potatoes, a popular recipe from Quebec.



Group Game: Christmas Word Search

See how many of these 30 Christmas words your group can find in 60 seconds or more!



Holiday Travel Memories

Brian Jewell had never been so cold before, and hopes he’ll never be so cold again.