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Virginia Beach: Sand, Surf & Service

In Virginia Beach, Virginia, groups can take advantage of three distinctly different beach environments as well as a maritime heritage and a rich military culture, all in a faith-friendly environment. The Virginia Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau bills its destination as “the best of three beaches,” thanks to a trio of coastal environments found throughout the city.



Bingo Oysters Recipe

Taste a dish straight from the coastal Virginia town with our online recipe for Bingo Oysters.


Missouri: Of Writers & Riverboats

Missouri history and culture run alongside these rivers.



Rome: A City in Bloom

The gardens of Rome are different from anything here in America and yet worth the long journey to see.



Mission Spotlight: Solid Rock International

Solid Rock International, an organization that runs medical, educational and outreach missions in the Dominican Republic, was officially founded in 1992 but has roots that go back 50 years before that. In the 1940s, a group called the Evangelical Mennonite Church Conference made a commitment to support 40 years of missions work in the Dominican…



Eating in Rome

Brian Jewell makes some suggestions for eating in Rome



Sightseeing Cruises: Aquatic Exploration

Eyes closed is the best way to start any boat ride. In these first moments when sailing away from the dock, you can fully feel the rush of being out on the open water. There’s nothing like the churn of the waves being pumped through the engine or the slight movement of the floorboards as…



Group Game: Candy Quiz

If snacks alone will not keep your group occupied on a long bus ride, here is a candy-themed game to keep groups thinking! Candy Quiz Candy Quiz Answers Thanks Rebecca Yarbrough, customer service representative of First Georgia Banking Company, for sharing these games! If you have any games you would like to share, email them…



Where in the World: Historic Restaurants

See if you can determine the name and location of this popular historic restaurant with our photo quiz!



Group Game: Highway Alphabet Soup

The Highway Alphabet Soup Game can keep bus passengers’ eyes glued to the window!