Theme Parks for Church Groups

Here’s a look at some of the top amusement parks around the country and the signature experiences they offer for visiting church groups.



Religious Heritage Attractions

Touring a historic church, cathedral or synagogue can give groups a special perspective on the culture and history of the places they’re visiting



Professional Theater in the Midwest

Although it’s far from the bright lights of Broadway, the Midwest theater scene shines in its own right.



Interactive Midwest Museums

Hands-on exhibits abound in the Midwest.



Midwest Waterfront Wonders

Midwestern shorelines offer beauty and thrills.



Maryland’s Religious Heritage

Few states offer as much spiritual history as Maryland, which played a vital role in the establishment of religious liberty for all Americans.



Southern Gardens in Bloom

Here are some of the best Southern gardens that have blossomed into havens for group travel.



Southern Small Towns

Here are a few of our top picks for the most charming Southern small towns that welcome groups.



Southern Civil Rights Sites

Here are some of the best sites to visit in the South to give your group a full picture of the civil rights movement’s storied history.



Museum Exhibits Unveiled

The main museums opening this year all bridge the past, present and future in unusual and often striking ways.