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Jackie Brisko: A friendly face at The Fireside

In 2000, she left the hospital to become the group tour manager at the Racine Convention and Visitors Bureau (now known as Real Racine). That job gave her the opportunity to travel a lot, as well as to promote tourism to her beloved hometown.

“I loved Racine,” she said. “I was born and raised there, and I knew that there were a lot of good things to promote there. I loved all of the traveling I got to do, and I loved sharing my area with others.”

After five years of traveling to promote Racine, Brisko got an offer to join the staff at the Fireside in a position that would combine her passions for entertainment, tourism and special events.

“Because of my background in dance, I really loved the theater, and I knew that I loved the experience at the Fireside,” she said. “All of my past job responsibilities seemed to fit perfectly, especially creating special events. Now I can help create special events and lasting memories for groups that visit the Fireside on a daily basis.”

Today Brisko lives in Fort Atkinson and travels extensively to spread the word about the Fireside, which has won acclaim as a restaurant, retail destination and professional theater company. She especially enjoys telling church travel planners about the company’s Christian roots.

“The Klopcic family that runs the theater is a Christian family, so everything on our stage is family friendly,” Brisko said. “People never have to be worried about being offended when they come to the Fireside.”

When she is not traveling, Brisko often spends her free time continuing to indulge her passions in dance and entertainment.

“I love spending time with my daughter, and we enjoy going to live theater and live concerts,” she said. “I really enjoy the entertainment field a lot. I’m a huge Packers fan. And ‘Dancing With the Stars’ is my favorite TV show.”