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Miller enjoys faith-based travel

Photo by David Malhalab, MNS Photo/M News Service

Margaret Miller and her husband, Jack, manage a very active travel group for their Northside Christian Church in Yorktown, Virginia. They attended the Going On Faith Conference in Lancaster — their third consecutive time at the conference — on behalf of their group, Forever Young Ministries.

“We started attending in Richmond, and we haven’t missed since,” she said. “It is a very well-run program. We get a lot out of attending. This year, I actually found several things we can do very near our home in Virginia, which was kind of neat.”

“The marketplace this year was very informative, and we had a really interesting experience during our sightseeing tour when we had a meal in an Amish home. I definitely want to bring a group back to Lancaster and do the very same thing with them,” she said.

When it comes to Sight and Sound Theaters and their production of “Noah,” Miller is a veteran.
“I’ve seen ‘Noah’ five times,” she said. “It’s hard to tell someone just how good it is. We’ve actually done the behind-the-scenes tour with our group as well. They showed us how they do costume changes, how they move the animals and lift the sets. It’s a remarkable theater.”

Miller’s sightseeing group at the conference was fortunate to have an interesting rider go along with them.

“We had a Mennonite woman on our coach, and we went into her home,” she said. “She just invited us in. She explained all about her home and we met her children. She had six or seven children there she introduced us to. She couldn’t have been more welcoming.”

In addition to countless domestic trips, the Millers have taken their group overseas many times as well.

“We travel with Collette Vacations a lot,” she said. “We’ve been to England, Ireland, Italy, Hawaii, Alaska and other places with them. We’re going to Germany with them next year.”

Miller says that she and Jack intend to make it four straight Going On Faith conferences next August when the meeting moves to Cabarrus County, North Carolina.

“We plan to be there,” she said. “We learn a lot every time we go,  and the program is always very well organized.”