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Sightseeing Cruises: Aquatic Exploration

Eyes closed is the best way to start any boat ride. In these first moments when sailing away from the dock, you can fully feel the rush of being out on the open water. There’s nothing like the
churn of the waves being pumped
through the engine or the slight movement of the floorboards as the boat settles onto the crest of the bay. The smell of the fresh, wet air wafts up from below, and if you’re lucky, the mist is tangible as it hits your skin.

What can compare to a day spent on the water? Few things.

Many cities across the United States offer day cruises on some of America’s best-loved lakes, rivers and bays that are perfect excursions for groups. A river cruise can be a new way to experience an area and enjoy some of its most appealing scenery.

Faith-based groups in particular may discover that river cruises are not only an excellent opportunity for fellowship
but also come with the added benefit of the opportunity for calm and introspection that being on a body of water can provide. On the flip side, if a group is more spirited, many river cruise outfits offer dinner cruises with live music or theater performances to enlighten and entertain.

Whether for a contemplative retreat or an all-out celebration, a river cruise can fit the bill perfectly for a faith-based voyage.


Savannah Riverboat Cruises

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is known for its garden squares and cobblestoned River Walk dotted with candy stores, historic houses and gumbo restaurants in the heart of the city’s downtown. But the Savannah River itself has a long and significant history, too.

It was on the banks of this river in the year 1733 that James Oglethorpe landed and claimed the land in the name of England, naming it Georgia. Not only was the city born that day, so was the state to which it would one day belong.

“The view from the water is spectacular — you can’t get that just from walking along the River Walk,” said Lisa Shea, director of marketing for Savannah Riverboat Cruises, which offers a variety of year-round excursions for groups aboard its vessels. Cruise themes range from gospel dinner cruises to wildlife cruises and include everything in between.

No matter which cruise a group embarks on aboard one of the outfit’s three state-of-the-art riverboats, history plays a large part in the overall experience.

Some historic sites you might see along the way are the famous “Statue of the Waving Girl” and riverside antebellum mansions iconic of American Low Country.

Savannah Riverboat Cruises can also coordinate trolley tours of the city for groups and aid in exploration of the city by foot or bike. The team is prepared to offer catering and space options to accommodate private celebrations or events as well, so any structured sessions a faith-based group may want to have will find a safe and private haven on board.