Faces of Faith Travel: Mike Nieland

One specific Bible study opened Mike Nieland’s eyes to the power of Scripture and, eventually, to the possibilities of faith-based travel.


Don’t Miss These Trips

Here are five of the most common missed opportunities in the world of faith-based travel.


Finding Foodie Experiences

Brian Jewell relates the joy inherent in discovering up-and-coming culinary trends in places around the country.


Score International

Score International combines sports-based outreach with domestic and international evangelism with trip opportunities for church groups of every age, interest and ability.


State of the Industry 2015

Faith-based tourism leaders reflect on the successes and challenges of 2015.


Holiday Travel Memories

Brian Jewell had never been so cold before, and hopes he’ll never be so cold again.


Faces of Faith Travel: Eddie Lutz

Eddie Lutz is the sales and promotions representative at the Creation Museum and a pastor in the Cincinnati area.


Mission Spotlight: Orphan Outreach

For eight years, Orphan Outreach has worked internationally to take care of some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people.


Faces of Faith Travel: Boaz Shalgi

Meet Boaz Shalgi, a seventh generation Jerusalemite and owner of EDI Travel specializing in faith – based tours of Israel.


FTA Executive Outlines Strategy

Going On Faith recently sat down for a wide-ranging conversation with Abbott about the purpose and goals of FTA.