Enjoy Sound and Scenery at Christian Music Festivals

Faith-based groups can harness music as fun and engaging way to connect with our Lord on a trip to one of America’s Christian music festivals.


Three Top Upcoming Christian Events

From a history-changing document nailed to a wall to a vision of Mary, these major religious events will draw pilgrims of all Christian denominations in 2017 and beyond.


New and Noteworthy Attractions

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2016 International Travel Guide

These six foreign countries offer compelling international travel experiences for groups.



Situated on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is renowned for its Gothic castles, lush landscapes and cobblestone villages.



Located in the heart of the Middle East, Jordan is known for its vibrant desert landscapes and beautifully preserved Byzantine relics.



With more Catholic churches per capita than any other country, Italy carries a unique religious heritage.



Israel is home to some of the most treasured historical sites in the religious world, with the Holy City of Jerusalem as its centerpiece.