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5 Devotional Ideas for Women’s Retreats

Here are five books for women that will work well as a companion text for a ladies’ class series or as a theme for lessons at a women’s retreat.


Behold the Birds: Spiritual Insight from God’s Creation by Joan M. Haselwood

This recently released study guide covers birds of the Bible and lessons we can learn from them. Each lesson also includes a suggested song to accompany the devotional.

Journey to a Better Place by Cynthia Guy

Cynthia Guy, noted speaker and author, has penned an in-depth study of the Book of Hebrews as a guide for the better life and a better eternity that God has promised his followers.

A Recipe for Peace by Janie Craun

Janie Craun, the editor for Christian Woman magazine, has assembled this culinary-themed study based on the seven “ingredients” for a life that is “well-done” mentioned by the apostle Paul in the book of Philippians.

Giving for All It’s Worth by Melissa Lester

This 13-lesson book will help you to be a better giver—and not just with your money— by studying women of the Bible who met their challenges with a spirit of giving.

Beyond the Masquerade: Being Genuine in an Artificial World by Nancy Eichman

Eichman deals with the struggle of living in the world without being a part of it through her bible study. Each lesson challenges women to live a life without additives, impurities and artificiality to become a genuine Christian woman.

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Ashley Ricks

Ashley Ricks is the circulation and marketing manager for The Group Travel Leader Inc.