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Announcing the official launch of Travelteerism

What is Travelteerism?

The basic gist of our credo mixes boutique travel with volunteering, allowing our clients to jet off to far-flung destinations, stay in hip boutique hotels and bask on hand-picked beaches, while also spending a portion of their time contributing to the work of an NGO in that community.

The idea sprang from the erudite circuits of the company’s founder, Casey Miller, himself an ardent traveler, fundraiser and NGO employee. Travelteerism brings together his two life’s passions, and those of a very large number of would-be travellers out there too.

So far, we have Mexico, Guatemala and Southern Africa on our company books, where we work with a variety of non-profit organisations that take our travellers to indigenous villages to help out in schools, impoverished areas, or to contribute to local environmental efforts.

Check out our for more info. There’s a great video on the landing page that explains in more detail what we do, as well as customer testimonials.

What kind of volunteering opportunities do you offer?

Our non-profit partners are the following:

In Guatemala – Long Way Home, a non-profit organization that uses sustainable design materials to construct

self-sufficient schools that promote education, employment and environmental stewardship.

In South Africa – Clean, an environmental organization devoted to cleaning beaches and communities around Cape Town, as well as Greenpop, a tree-planting initiative.

In Mexico – Noé International, a public charity that provides a safe place where children are given educational opportunities through a number of life-changing programs. We also work with Vive Mexico, an international organization that facilitates local development initiatives and promotes cultural preservation projects in Mexico via international cooperative and volunteer programs.

How long do the trips last and how many days are spent volunteering?

The itineraries are all 14-15 days long and the volunteering period lasts for 2.5 days.

How much do the trips cost?

The cost of the excursions varies depending on the destination. Prices start at $4,499 and go up to $10,999 per person, with all travel and accommodation included, as well as transport and two meals a day. You can see more detailed trip itineraries at