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An App for Christian Travelers

Patience can certainly be tested in an airport or on the road. Fortunately for faith-based travelers, staying closer to God while exploring the world has never been easier with hundreds of faith-based apps.

Many of these apps will help center travelers during their journeys. One of the most popular Christian apps can greatly aid travelers who would otherwise have to decide if the thickness of their Bible would take up too much room in their carry-on: the Bible App.

Created by YouVersion, the Bible App helps its users stay connected to the word of God on more than 180 million devices around the world. Christian travelers can listen to audio Bibles, watch clips from “The Bible” mini-series and read from one of the hundreds of Bible versions available.

Planners traveling with their church group could even use this app while on the road for devotionals at any time or place. The app’s live community stream allows users to engage in conversations about the Bible in the App, or add notes to passages privately for later reflection.

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