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Central Holidays debuts faith-based trip honoring Pope Francis

Courtesy Central Holidays

MOONACHIE, N.J. – To celebrate the recent appointment of Pope Francis, Central Holidays has introduced a faith-based itinerary centered on the new pope and Italy’s historic connection to Christianity. The 10-day/six-night “Discover Pope Francis’ Italian Spiritual Ties” explores Italy’s Piemonte region, Assisi, Rome and Vatican City.

The tour guarantees groups will see the pope with their own eyes with an included Papal audience. Guided tours of Vatican City take visitors to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. Participants will also learn about the saint who inspired the pope at Assisi, the birthplace of St. Francis.

Other highlights of the tour feature religious, historical and modern attractions in Italy, including the Sanctuary of Graglia, Biella’s Roman Baptistery, Ricetto di Candelo’s 13-century medieval village and Turin, which holds the famed Shroud of Turin. Guests will also visit Rome, which Central Holidays includes on a guided tour of Imperial Rome.

Central Holidays additionally features a six-day “Celebrating the New Pope in Rome” tour for a shorter version that travels to Assisi, Vatican City and Rome.

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