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Cindi Brodhecker: Leading Women of Faith

Cindi Brodhecker didn’t start out with a career in travel; instead, she jokingly refers to this change of profession as her midlife crisis.

Previously, she worked in accounting and office management, but she had her “aha!” moment when she began working for a motorcoach company. She fell in love with travel and decided that was what she wanted to do with the rest of her life.

Since changing course to a life in travel, she has become a pioneer in the faith travel industry. Brodhecker started her own company, The Priscilla Woman’s Tours. Her company seeks to provide wholesome and fun-filled experiences, as well as spiritual growth, for women through travel. Her trips are unusual in the sense that they are women-only trips, but this allows for a more tailored and empowering experience.

Brodhecker is also the president of Faith Travel Development and Consulting and contributes to various faith-focused efforts in both the tourism and publishing industries. Even though she is now “semiretired,” Brodhecker still takes an active role in her company and continues to go on many of the trips.

A Passion for Travel

Brodhecker’s strength is found in her passion for faith travel.

“I’ve always been told my passion is my greatest sales tool,” she said. She encourages others to share in her experiences and travel to biblical destinations to make the connections that have helped her grow in her own beliefs.

For Brodhecker, faith travel is more than a vacation: It has encouraged her desire to develop a deeper understanding of the Scriptures. She builds trips in such a way that others will see the places and stories of the Bible come to life and experience a growth in their personal convictions the way she has.

Today, Brodhecker’s company, Priscilla Woman’s Tours, focuses on women-only travel as an enriching, faith-filled experience. The name came from the story of the biblical figure Priscilla, whom Paul met while preaching in Corinth. Priscilla and her husband, Aquila, were tent-makers and worshippers of God. They traveled and lived in Rome, Greece and Turkey because of the growing persecution of their faith, and later traveled and worked alongside Paul to teach the Gospel in Ephesus, located in present-day Turkey. Because of her example in faith and a life of travel, Priscilla is an example to “modern women who also want to go and explore, meet and experience the world in a comfortable atmosphere with other modern-day Priscillas,” Brodhecker said.

Bringing Faith to the Forefront

Brodhecker strives to bring faith to the forefront on her trips in a meaningful way that engages both the heart and the mind.

“Some people think that faith-based travel is reading the Scriptures or taking Communion, but it’s more,” she said. “You’re seeing the sites of biblical history; for example, in Greece, the country and their philosophy, as well as how Paul challenged their stoic intellect at Mars Hill.”

Brodhecker incorporates Scripture into her trips in a variety of ways. Printed itineraries include Scripture references, and devotionals are part of the activities at different sites. Sometimes she even employs actors to bring biblical stories to life. For example, on a trip to Corinth, Brodhecker brought in an actor to portray Paul in the market of the ancient city during the time he spent working alongside Aquila and Priscilla making and selling tents. Trips may also feature guest speakers who bring added layers of meaning or understanding.

While many trips are to biblical destinations, Brodhecker and her groups travel all over the world. Although some trips go to destinations outside of the Holy Land, they still incorporate faith and fellowship. A past trip featured Gigi Graham, daughter of well-known evangelist Billy Graham, as she shared her personal experiences, thoughts and favorite destinations in Switzerland.