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The Creation Museum

Creation Museum

Petersburg, Kentucky

No Christian attraction demands more national attention than the Creation Museum, which explains the origin of the universe based on the biblical creation narrative. Because of its worldview, the cutting-edge museum is the only experience of its kind in the world.

“The No. 1 comment we get is that our museum exceeds expectations,” said museum co-founder Mark Looy. “Even our detractors, who don’t believe, say this is the best-looking, most high-tech museum they’ve ever visited.”

More than 160 exhibits bring the Bible to life with animatronics and videos. In addition to biblical scenes like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, the museum houses a two-story dinosaur exhibit with one of the best-preserved Allosaurus skeletons in the world.

Other important stops within the museum include the planetarium; a special-effects theater that immerses viewers in the experience with rumbling seats, wind, water, smoke and flashes of lighting; and an insect collection that focuses on the world’s most spectacular species.

Outdoors is a collection of gardens that includes a Japanese garden, a bog, a rain forest and waterfalls. The gardens connect to a petting zoo full of unusual hybrid species, as well as the largest zip-line course in the Midwest.

This July, the museum is launching its biggest, boldest exhibit yet: a life-size replica of Noah’s ark, being built on a separate location, 45 minutes from the museum. Many years in the making, the Ark Encounter is expected to receive millions of visitors within a year of its opening.

Special for Groups

Because the museum is such a group destination, organizers have devoted an entire department to assisting group tours. Looy also likes to remind travel planners that each ticket is good for two days. “Most groups spend a minimum of four hours in the museum,” Looy said, adding that the full experience may take several hours more.

Nearby Fun

Since the museum is in a suburb of Cincinnati, groups are just minutes from several major stops. The Newport Aquarium, on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River, showcases more than 7,000 aquatic creatures from all over the world in a million gallons of water. In Cincinnati, the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, rated as one of the nation’s top zoos, is a favorite with groups. The lesser-known Cincinnati Art Museum, with free admission and group tours, packs an exceptional selection of art into a manageable space.