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Faith, Fellowship, Family and Friends in Lincoln, Nebraska (Sponsored)

Lincoln is a thriving city, filled with enthusiasm and energy. Its growing cityscape and booming business scene allow Lincoln to provide a range of amenities for religious groups, while its charm and modesty make everyone feel welcome. Lincoln is brimming with culture and attractions—from museums and historical sites to antique shopping and art galleries. There’s an endless array of activities to keep attendees entertained throughout their visit.

There is no shortage of unique and meaningful experiences for the faith community in Lincoln. From established, traditional and ornate buildings to new, modern and progressive houses of worship, Lincoln’s religious offerings stress the need for discipleship, acceptance and celebration. Visitors are welcomed with open arms and included in a multitude of events, gatherings and peaceful places to practice their faith.

As part of First United Methodist Church, just west of the Nebraska Wesleyan University campus, the architecture throughout the building is a sight to see. Part of this stunning display includes a massive stained-glass dome, purchased by the Grand Army of the Republic Post of University Place, incorporated into the church building, dedicated and completed in 1909. The middle of the dome features a portrait of Abraham Lincoln to compliment various Civil War-related symbols and designs that showcase a national symbol of healing and future peace from the tumult of the Civil War. The octagonal centerpiece still radiates in its splendor today.

Organized in 1888, First United Methodist Church remains a pillar of the religious community and recognizes the need for a strong spiritual foundation.

Be sure to stop by Destinations Coffee house, located just north of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln city campus. This renovated coffee house, featuring beautiful brick and exposed ceilings, is a gathering spot for members of the community and church and remains a popular gathering spot for university students of all faiths and denominations. Connect with like-minded people who are on their own religious journey over a cup of cappuccino or another soothing beverage. Destinations Coffee House also hosts worship nights, bringing different groups from around Lincoln together in prayer and fellowship.

The International Quilt Museum located on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s East Campus maintains the world’s largest publicly held collection of quilts, dating back to the 1700’s. Groups get an opportunity to tour the exhibit learning the stories behind the quilts and go behind-the-scenes to learn what is involved in the preservation and restoration of these historic quilts, showcased from over 50 countries around the world with some of the collection’s offerings incorporating religious motifs, themes and significance through vivid imagery. Tours and group tours available upon request.

The Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau provides remarkable service and assistance for groups planning religious events in Lincoln. With the city’s welcoming community, safe central location and affordability, there’s no doubt that Lincoln is the obvious choice for your faith-based event. With the Lincoln CVB, your tours and meetings are fully taken care of and supported. Contact Kelsey McGreer with the Lincoln CVB to plan your next visit.