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Faith Travel 101 — Media gets the word out


Making sure everyone has heard about your group’s next big trip to Jordan can be difficult if you want to open the invitation to the local community. A short radio ad on a local Christian station or in a local paper can ensure that more people will come on your faith-based trip.

Sometimes radio stations or newspapers will also agree to give your group a spotlight segment to talk about your upcoming trips. If your travel group is tied to a single church, the information could even be about different aspects of the church’s ministry with travel offerings included.

Start spreading the news
First off, decide which level of media would be appropriate for the purpose and size of your religious travel group.

If you want to ensure only members of the church apply for the trip, make sure the church’s newsletter and website have information about the travel group. Work with the church staff to see where you can get more exposure within the church through their use of media.

Some religious travel groups have monthly write-ups in their church’s newsletters. Travel planners use this opportunity to both entice members to sign up for the next trip and to spotlight previous trips, which can illustrate the fun and fellowship that is possible on a faith-based tour.

This continuous exposure will often boost your travel group’s numbers as more people become familiar with your group and the travel opportunities available.

To get the word out to the local community, ads in newspapers, local websites or other local publications can draw in new travel members who might want to take a faith-based trip, but their church can’t offer one. Choose your pictures wisely for these ads, because they are often what draw the reader’s eyes.

Ads on radio and in newspapers can also sometimes inspire a free radio spot or article about your travel group, which is the best exposure there is.