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Five of the Most Popular Christian Speakers

If you’ve ever nodded your head and said an “Amen” to yourself while listening to an impactful speaker, you might enjoy listening to some of the most sought-after Christian speakers currently touring.

Each one is currently ranked in the top five most popular Christian speakers for, a Christian speakers bureau.


Julianna Zorbrist

Zorbrist brings both a powerful message of joy in Christ and music to embolden the Christian listener. She gives examples from her life on why you don’t have to measure up to what others think of you, but to let your true strength shine through Christ.


Chad Robichaux

This former MMA World Champion started in the military before a fruitful mixed martial arts career. Today, Robichaux focuese on helping veterans recover from PTSD through his Mighty Oaks Foundation.


God’s Not Dead

Speakers from the movie and book “God’s Not Dead” can engage a group with tales from the making of the movie and some of its most impactful scenes. The book’s author, lead singer of Newsboys and other involved participants will bolster the faith of those listening.


Matt Walsh

Nationally recognized Christian writer, blogger and speaker, Walsh fiercely defends his faith and morals on a regular basis.


Vic Murphy

World renowned pro and pioneer in BMX and other extreme sports, Murphy shares his faith at speaking appearances across the country. He uses humor and illustrations to captivate audiences on his message of the truths of the Bible.

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