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Frazier Museum Gives Realistic Look at Lewis and Clark

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky — The Lewis and Clark Experience, an immersive new exhibit at the Frazier History Museum in downtown Louisville, gives visitors a realistic look at the challenges encountered by the Corps of Discovery.

Interactive role-playing allows visitors to forge rivers and cross mountains; encounter new people, cultures and new species of animals; seek the Northwest Passage; and discover the diversity of the new nation.

There are several artifacts from the period and detailed explanations on how and why they were used by the expedition, which discovered some 300 species unknown to science and nearly 50 Indian tribes during its journey from 1804 to 1806.

The Lewis and Clark Experience features a 55-foot cut-away replica of Lewis and Clark’s keelboat, a replica Sioux Tipi and a Mandan earthen hut.

The exhibit runs through May 15, 2016 at the Frazier Museum in downtown Louisville. For more information go to