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GOF Conference Seminar Aims to Remove Mental Barriers

Brian Parsley believes your thoughts can hold you back from your potential success. His upcoming seminar at the Going On Faith Conference in Cabarrus County, N.C., will help attendees see how their behaviors and outlooks can positively impact bottom-line results.

Parsley, a certified professional behavioral analyst and business intelligence strategist, teaches business strategies to a wide variety of clients. He serves as a management consultant for several fortune 500 leaders, as well as started the successful WeSkill, an e-learning solutions organization.

For 13 years, Parsley has given seminars that teach through stories from real life experiences. The West Virginia native authored “InspHired,” which outlines the steps to hire loyal individuals who produce results.

Parley’s seminars often focus on five core areas that contribute to the success of an organization: customer buying motives, employee loyalty, dynamic customer experiences, leadership and finding purpose in business and life.

For more information on the August 5-7 GOF Conference or to register, visit