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Haiti tourism initiative launched by philanthropic groups


Tourism Cares and the Clinton Foundation announced a project to encourage visitors to come to northern Haiti in partnership with the Haitian Ministry of Tourism and Tourism Association of Haiti.

Funded with $10,000 grants from each organization, the Northern Haiti Tourism Coalition project’s first goal is to boost tourism to the National History Park, Haiti’s UNESCO World Heritage Site. The National History Park contains the Citadelle, palace of Sans Souci and the buildings of Ramiers.

“Haiti has a long tradition of hosting vacationers who have enjoyed its culture, history, arts and crafts, cuisine and beauty,” said Bruce Beckham, former executive director of Tourism Cares, who helped spearhead the project. “The members of this coalition believe that a renaissance is taking place in Haiti. The potential is there. We just have to help cultivate it.”

The Clinton Foundation has agreed to attract new investments and tour operators to support the project. The ministry of tourism will aid these investments with public facilitation and logistical support.

Tourism Cares will research and uncover the needs of the region to improve the visitor experience to the Citadelle. To help with this, the Tourism Association of Haiti will host tourism professionals to provide feedback on international tourists.

The coalition plans to use tourism strategies from popular World Heritage sites, the Dominican Republic and other Caribbean nations to create a sustainable tourism model that benefits local communities in the north.

A new road under construction will offer access from the cruise port of Labadee on the north coast to the Citadelle.

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