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Italy’s purest water

View of Bella, Italy, photo by Elizabeth Hey

During a tour through the Lauretana water factory, our group learned about one of Italy’s premier waters, both sparkling and nonsparkling. Bottles are filled, with water flowing from the surrounding mountaintops straight into stainless steel pipes, and readied for shipping.

“Our trademark-blue-colored bottles protect the water from sunlight so that its properties aren’t damaged,” said Leandro Mondino, co-owner and general manager.

Lauretana is touted as Europe’s lightest water, boasting an extremely low mineral content. After our tour, we drank this lovely water at most meals, with a new appreciation for its purity.

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Elizabeth Hey

Elizabeth Hey is a member of Midwest Travel Journalists Association and has received numerous awards for her writing and photography. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook @travelbyfork.