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How to Learn Hymns While On the Road

Daily life is so busy, sometimes it takes a long stint in the airport with nothing to do to focus your mind. With all that free time, why not improve your spiritual life by learning some hymns?

The Favorite Hymns Hymnal app allows you to browse through 700 free hymns using lyrics, meter or topic. You can listen to the instrumental version while you memorize the words, or simply listen and enjoy.

The app features songs from seven hymnals including “Favorite Hymns,” “The Believer’s Hymn Book,” “The Children’s Hymn Book 1987,” and “Classic Gospel Hymns.” You can try to figure out a song from your childhood by searching in the alphabetical index of first lines, authors or lyrics. The app also includes Christmas songs for the next holiday group trip.

Most hymns are public domain. For copyrighted hymns, you can purchase the Favorite Hymns Premium.

For more information, visit the app store link.