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Louisville Zoo Introduces New Penguins

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky — The Louisville Zoo has opened its newest exhibit, Penguin Cove, Little Penguin Conservation Center, which features the first blue penguins to be exhibited at the zoo.

The nine blue penguins, also called little or fairy penguins, came to the zoo from the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia.  They had been temporarily housed at the Bronx Zoo while their exhibit space was being completed.

Little penguins are considered the world’s smallest penguin species standing between 12 and 17 inches and weighing on average just over three pounds.

They live in colonies along the southern coast of Australia, around the nearby island of Tasmania, and the coastline of New Zealand.

The warm-climate penguins will complement the zoo’s Rockhopper penguins that reside in the chilled exhibit in the Islands Pavilion at the zoo.

Visitors can observe the penguins’ social and natural behaviors in an outdoor exhibit area and can have a one-on-one experience with the animals in a private interactive area.