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Massive Replica of Noah’s Ark Opens in Northern Kentucky

WILLIAMSTOWN, Kentucky — A massive 510-foot long, 51-foot tall replica of Noah’s Ark, built to specifications mentioned in the Bible, opened to the general public July 7 after two days of previews to supporters at a 40-acre site alongside Interstate 75 in northern Kentucky.

Ark Encounter’s 132 exhibit bays and displays on three decks inside the Ark feature pairs of sculpted animals in wooden cages, including dinosaurs, deer and pigs; and displays of blacksmith and carpentry shops and living quarters for Noah and his family, who are depicted by realistic animatronic figures.

Phase one of the $100 million project also includes a lake, a petting zoo, a restaurant, a gift shop, a theater and zip lines. Future plans calls for a pre-flood walled city, a rendition of the Tower of Babel and a first-century Middle Eastern village.

Ark Encounters was built by Answers in Genesis, which also built the Creation Museum, located 45 minutes away in Petersburg, Kentucky.