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Missionary Reads for the Road

Looking for a good read to take on your next trip? These entertaining tales from missionaries around the world will give you a personal look at the challenges, rewards and cultures encountered while traveling and teaching the Gospel.

Into Africa: The Epic Adventures of Stanley and Livingstone by Martin Dugard

This narrative tells the story of missionary and explorer, Dr. David Livingstone, who lead an expedition to the heart of Africa before vanishing without a trace. Years later American newspaper tycoon commissioned Henry Morton Stanley to rescue him. Their stories are told in alternating chapters in this captivating book.

Japan Diary of Cross-Cultural Mission by J. Lawrence Driskill and Lillian C. Driskill

Veteran missionaries Larry and Lilian Driskill share the lessons and experiences they’ve gained while working as missionaries in post-World War II Japan. Their story draws a picture of life in Japan and the task of adapting to living and working in a foreign culture.

God’s Smuggler by Brother Andrew, John Sherrill, Elizabeth Sherrill

Brother Andrew faced death to bring the Gospel to those living behind the Iron Curtain. His gripping story will encourage believers to rely on God unchallenging times.

Kiowa: A Woman Missionary in Indian Territory by Isabel Crawford

At the close of the nineteenth century, Isabel Crawford began her missionary journey to the Kiowa-Comanche Reservation in present-day Oklahoma and founded the Saddle Mountain Baptist Mission. With a mixture of humor, resourcefulness and hope Crawford navigated the challenges of working with another culture and changing times.

Here Am I, Send Me! by Willys K. Braun

Filled with humorous anecdotes and acumen, this autobiography traces the journey of Dr. Willys Braun from rural Missouri to the African mission field as he answers God’s call.

Ashley Ricks

Ashley Ricks is the circulation and marketing manager for The Group Travel Leader Inc.