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Monterey Bay Aquarium completes major renovation

Courtesy Monterey Bay Aquarium

MONTEREY, California — The Sea Otter Exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium reopened in late March after a major renovation that added new educational features along with necessary infrastructure work on behind-the-scenes holding and service areas.

Visitors can now watch and learn more about the aquarium’s resident sea otters with new monitors, video signage and other hands-on features.

On the Great Tide Pool Deck, visitors will find a new Otter Spotting Station where they can use a high-powered telescope to watch wild otters in nearby kelp beds and speak with a sea otter biologist.

To complement the two experiences, a new sea otter program, “Luna: A Sea Otter’s Story,” which follows a single sea otter’s journey from rescue to release,  is shown in the aquarium’s auditorium.