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New Exhibit Opens Lincoln Museum’s 10th Anniversary

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois — “Undying Words: Lincoln 1858-1865” opened November 22 at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum as part of the museum’s 10th anniversary celebration.

The exhibit, which runs through 2015, also commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Civil War’s end and Lincoln’s death.

The exhibit is mounted in collaboration with the Chicago History Museum and explores Lincoln’s changing views through five key speeches made between 1858 and 1865.

They were his “House Divided” speech of 1858, his first inaugural address in 1861, the 1863 Gettysburg Address, his 1865 second inaugural and his final speech, given just three days before his assassination.

The exhibit contains approximately 120 original objects including the bloody gloves Lincoln carried when he was assassinated, the bed where he died, condolence letters and other personal objects, speeches, documents and art works.

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum opened in April 2005. Other commemorative and anniversary events planned for 2015 include a new theater presentation titled “The Battle Hymn Story,” special summer performances at Union Square Park, new ways to explore the museum’s exhibits through technology and more.

Group tour planners can take advantage of this new exhibit in Springfield by scheduling tours of the presidential museum through the Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau.