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New Immersive Safaris to Africa

LANCASTER, Pennsylvania – Forage for food with the Hadzabe Bushman or hike into an ancient volcanic crater on one of Zohar African Safaris’ new immersive wildlife safaris. The tour operator has recently released new tours in three basic categories, cultural interaction with indigenous peoples, high and low impact adventure activities, and sustainable tourism.

These custom designed wildlife viewing safaris incorporate activities that help educate, support and preserve human and wildlife ecosystems of Africa. The indigenous peoples tours include connections with ancient tribal communities, such as collecting honey while foraging in the bush, gathering firewood, helping carry water, weaving clothes from animal skins and hunting with bows and arrows. The activity offered depends on the tribe, since the Datoga tribe works mostly in agriculture, the Maasai remain pastoral herders and the Hadzabe Bushman hunt and gather.

High and low impact adventures offered by Zhoar include mountain climbing, hiking to an inactive volcanic crater in the Ngorongoro Highlands and a three-night hike to Lake Natron in the Rift Valley. Groups seeking more moderate adventure can opt for walking safaris, biking and canoeing.

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