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New Interfaith Tour Explores Holy Land

To better understand the confluence of religions in the Holy Land, Ed-Ventures has released a new tour to Israel led by both a rabbi and a pastor. The tour will look at significant sites in Israel from Jewish, Christian and Muslim traditions.

The 12-day November tour includes Tel Aviv, Acre, Galilee, Capernaum, Wadi Ara, Bethlehem and Jerusalem. The multifaceted story of Israel is a complicated story of different perspectives, which will be revealed on the tour.

Rabbi Albert Lewis will lead the group through Jewish sites, share Shabbat dinner and pray at the Western Wall. Pastor Marc Nelesen will lead discussions at Christian sites, preside over baptism in the Jordan River and hold Sunday services at the Sea of Galilee and in the City of David.

A theater troupe will perform skits explaining the complicated relationships between Jewish and Muslims. The tour will also attend a dinner with a Palestinian Family and the Baha’i Gardens.

Museums also feature largely in the tour at the Holocaust Museum, the Museum of Diaspora and Independence Hall.

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