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New Volunteer Opportunities with Projects Abroad

NEW YORK – Church groups looking for new volunteer opportunities can consider building a school for Tanzanian Maasai children, helping impoverished communities start businesses in India or choosing another of Projects Abroad’s new volunteer opportunities. The international volunteer organization announced five new programs in Tanzania, India, Jamaica, Fiji and the Philippines.

“Project Abroad’s close ties with the communities we work in allows us to regularly expand the ways our volunteers can make a positive contribution in those communities,” said Thomas Pastorius, Jr., vice president of Projects Abroad. “Our new projects around the globe will allow more volunteers to make a lasting impact on communities in need, travel the globe and gain significant life experience.”


New volunteer opportunities:

1.) New School in Tanzania

Projects Abroad recently purchased land in Tanzania for a new school for a local Maasai community. Volunteers will build the school to support over 60 young children.


2.) Microfinance in India

In partnership with a local NGO, Projects Abroad volunteers will aid in guidance and financial support to promote sustainable businesses for people in impoverished areas of India.


3.) Human Rights in Jamaica

Projects Abroad helps support women’s rights in partnership with Women Incorporated, based in Montego Bay. Volunteers will support abuse victims and empower women through workshops that focus on civil, cultural, economic and sexual rights.


4.) Nutrition in Fiji

To help prevent the prevalence of diabetes and heart disease in many adults in Fiji, Projects Abroad has introduced a health and wellness program that promotes healthy living, exercise, diet and nutrition. To this end, volunteers will aid with general health assessments, workshops and presentations, and cooking healthy meals together with participants.


5.) Public Health in the Philippines

Faith-based groups choosing the Philippines will perform or assist with health checks, vaccinations and medical campaigns. These healthcare initiatives will aid those who can’t normally access or afford these treatments.

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