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Religious Heritage Favorites on Social Media

We asked our friends on social media what their favorites dishes were at each of these religious heritage sites. Check out some of the tweets below to find a delicious dish at each site on your trip!


@shakervillageky said “Definitely our Shaker Lemon Pie! It’s a favorite for sure!”

This pie is a little sweet and full of lemon flavor from the whole lemon slices used for the pie’s filling. Try topping it off with some homemade whipped cream and a lemon twist. Go to our web exclusive article for the recipe.


“Indian Pudding! This is a favorite dessert in the Patuxet Café” according to @plimoth

Indian pudding is named for its primary ingredient –meal made from Indian corn. The recipe for this New World dish can be found at


When we asked which Moravian recipe was the best in Old Salem @VisitWS’s reply was “All of them!” To make it easier for travelers to sample Moravian fare Visit Winston Salem has put together a culinary trail with stops highlighting recipes like Moravian Sugar Cake or the Moravian Chicken Pie. There are also recipes for each to bring a taste of the Old Salem experience home to your own kitchen.

To see the “top three” Moravian recipes check out Winston Salem’s culinary trail at