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SeaWorld Announces New Killer Whale Habitats and Research

SeaWorld recently unveiled its Blue World Project, which includes new killer whale environments at its three parks in San Diego, San Antonio and Orlando, as well as the funding of new programs to protect killer whales in the wild.

The company additionally pledged $10 million in matching funds for killer whale research and conservation projects.

“Our vision for our new killer whale homes and research initiatives is to advance global understanding of these animals, to educate and to inspire conservation efforts to protect killer whales in the wild,” said Jim Atchison, CEO and president of SeaWorld Entertainment. “Guests will be able to walk alongside the whales as if they were at the beach, watch them interact at ocean depths or from a birds-eye viewing gallery.”

The first new killer whale environment will start construction at SeaWorld San Diego in 2015 with opening in 2018. The killer whale habitat will have a depth of 50 feet, a surface area of 1.5 acres and a length of 350 feet.

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