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Six Travel Personalities Seminar


Brian Jewell, executive editor of Going On Faith magazine, shared the six typical travel personalities he has met throughout his various trips at the Going On Faith Conference in Rock Hill, S.C.

“In my nine years as a travel writer and editor for The Group Travel Leader Inc., I have discovered six dominant travel personalities that faith-based planners are likely to encounter in their work,” said Jewell. “Knowing and understanding these personalities allows the travel planner to offer better experiences to a diverse group of people. And the better one’s experience is, the more likely he or she is to join the group again.”

Six dominant travel personalities discussed during the seminar include the pilgrim, epicurean, adventurer, connector, learner and vacationer. Jewell believes knowing the differences of these personality types will help planner create more customized “mini-tours” that highlight one or two areas of interest. In this way, tours can appeal to a specific type of traveler.

Read about these personalities to see how you can incorporate this knowledge into future tours with the links to his presentation below.

Six Travel Personalities Presentation
Six Travel Personalities Notes

Jewell joined the staff of The Group Travel Leader Inc. in 2004 and became editor of Going On Faith in 2005. He assumed the position of executive editor for all the company’s magazines in July.