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Touring Texas Treasures

With a surface area of more than 268,000 square miles, Texas is too big to thoroughly explore in a single trip. But for a great overview of the state’s history and culture, as well as visits to some iconic attractions, a tour through central Texas can be just the ticket.

Texas enjoys an identity and an ethos all its own, and groups have plenty of opportunities for unusual experiences when they travel there. The area has a combination of big cities and smaller towns that, together, offer travelers opportunities to visit historic sites, sample international heritage and enjoy some distinctively Texan activities.

This itinerary starts in Houston, a city easy to reach by air, and continues to Brenham, Austin, Fredericksburg and San Antonio. Groups can fly home from there or make the three-hour drive back to Houston to depart.

Planners should allow a minimum of five days for the trip, although adding extra time in Houston, San Antonio or Austin would give travelers more time to explore the ample opportunities in these cities.



A Place for Space

Houston is famous for its role in space exploration, and groups visiting the area can get their fill of cosmic content at Space Center Houston. This is the official visitor facility for NASA’s Johnson Space Center, which continues to operate key parts of space missions.

Visitors to the space center see a variety of space artifacts, as well as multimedia exhibits and a number of interactive attractions. Highlights include the Skylab Trainer, America’s first space station, as well as space suits worn by astronauts on different missions.

For a more immersive experience, groups can take one of several tours offered by the space center that transport them to different locations around the NASA facility. Along the way, they see the historic Mission Control complex and Building 9, where engineers are working on future space technology.

While you’re there: Houston has a number of world-class museums for visitors to explore. Groups can see native and exotic marine life at the Downtown Aquarium, admire master works at the Museum of Fine Arts or check out halls full of fossils, shells and gemstones at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.