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Traveling on Holy Ground

To help facilitate spiritual growth during the trips, Pilgrim Tours has set up a program that allows for pastors to join their tours at large discounts. In return, the pastors lead devotional times throughout the trip, which helps enhance some of Nyce’s personal favorite places.

“In Israel, the garden tomb worship and Communion is always a special time,” he said. “To go in and see the area where Christ might have laid and see the entrance where the stone was rolled away and imagine what transpired there is an encouraging, inspiring and worshipful time. We generally have Communion and a time of song and worship there.”

The travel career that started as a family affair for Nyce has continued in that vein as well. Today, David’s wife, Wanda, is the company’s secretary and treasurer. His son Tim, who grew up around the tourism business but spent the early part of his career as a youth pastor, now works for the company, too, as a sales manager.

Together, the family continues introducing customers to spiritual experiences through travel.

“A Pilgrim tour is primarily a spiritual emphasis,” Nyce said. “That’s our primary goal: to help people be better servants.”