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Underground zip line opens in Louisville

Courtesy Greater Louisville CVB

Louisville Mega Cavern, a 100-acre limestone cavern near the Louisville Zoo, opened an underground zip-line course this summer.

The zip-line course, called Mega Zips, is the world’s first completely underground zip line. The course consists of five zip lines, including a dual-racing zip and three challenge bridges, and will take approximately two hours to complete.

Taking advantage of the unique underground location, Mega Zip creators built the zip-line course to take participants into parts of the cavern that aren’t accessible on regular tours. Guests glide across zip lines positioned 70 feet above the cavern floor, traveling through the darkness with a small helmet lamp lighting their way. Certified guides lead every zip tour and educate visitors about the geology and history of the cavern.

Mega Caverns is a former limestone quarry that has been converted into a tourist attraction, with underground tram tours and a holiday light show.