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WEB EXCLUSIVE! 10 more military towns to visit

The Citadel

1.) Pensacola, Fla.

Naval Air Station Pensacola

-Guided tours revealing long history dating back to a 16th century Spanish colony
-Opened in 1826 as naval station and later became naval air station
-Historic sites such as the Aviation Memorial Chapel, 1837 Old Entrance Gate and 1917 Chevalier Field, originally used for balloons and early aircrafts

2.) Fort Sill, Ok.

-Tours of site stop by burial place of Chief Geronimo
-Fort Sill National Historic Landmark Museum
-Historic facilities open to public including the Museum Interpretive Center, the 1911 School of Fire for Field Artillery and the Chapel
-The Warrior’s Journey Exhibit Gallery showcases 30 exhibits revealing the Native American warrior tradition through history
-Rare Native American artifacts

3.) Fort Knox, Ky.

-Maintains the U.S. Gold Bullion Depository, although visitors are not allowed inside
-The 1949 Patton Museum of Calvary and Armor
-Historic artifacts and information relating to mechanized calvary and armor
-Exhibits on General George S. Patton Jr.’s military career
-Artifacts from Patton, including his trademark ivory gripped Colt pistol and Cadillac staff car in which he was fatally injured

4.) Alameda, Calif.
Alameda Point (former U.S. Naval Air Station)

-U.S.S. Hornet docked on San Francisco Bay and open for tours
-World War II carrier now part of the U.S.S. Hornet Museum
-Exhibits from NASA Apollo moon explorations and retired aircrafts

5.) White Sands, N.M.
White Sands Missile Range

-Next to White Sands National Monument
-Largest military installation in the U.S.
-Oscura Range, Otera Mesa Bombing Range and 600,000-acre Fort Bliss Range Complex
-White Sands Missile Range Museum traces origins of America’s missile and space activity
-Exhibits on atomic age, prehistoric cultures and New Mexico
-Missile Park displays missiles and rockets tested at the site

6.) Vancouver, Wash.

Fort Vancouver National Historic Site

-Fewer restrictions since no longer an active military town since 1946
-See historic army base up close
-Oldest army post on the West Coast and in the Northwest
-Historic structures and museum exhibits on the former major military installation that served in the Indian Wars, Spanish-American Wars, World War I and II
-Cultural demonstrations and Historic Weapons Program

7.) Clarksville, Tenn.
Fort Campbell

-Tours for groups around fort to historic sites
-Donald F. Pratt Museum archives every Army unit assigned to the fort and other exhibits about the fort’s history
-Can organize a Blackhawk Helicopter Simulator
-Engagement Skills Trainer features a 10-land computer-based weapons firing range
-Sabalauski Air Assault School allows demonstrations of school’s obstacle course

8.) Charleston, S.C.
The Citadel


-Historic tours of 1842 military college
-Citadel Museum chronicles history and heritage of military college
-Stark off-white fortress buildings
-Photographic exhibits of early college life
-Artifacts such as a cannonball fired at Fort Sumter, muskets from early cadets and recreated college living quarters

9.) San Antonio, Texas
Fort Sam Houston

-Tours of 1876 fort with focus on its reputation as birthplace of military aviation and site of first flight of military aircraft in 1910
-The Quadrangle is the oldest building on the base
-Apache Chief Geronimo was imprisoned in the Quadrangle in 1886
-Peacocks, deer and rabbits roam free around area

10.) Dayton, Ohio
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

-Tours of largest base in Air Force
-Air Force Research Laboratory
-Air Force Museum receives 1.2 million visitors a year
-Museum displays historic aircrafts with information on the people who built and flew them
-Museum is also the largest and oldest military aviation museum in the world
-10 acres of indoor exhibits, 400 aircraft and missiles, and thousands of artifacts

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