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WEB EXCLUSIVE! Upcoming Civil War Sesquicentennial Events

Courtesy National Park Service

Although most places have not yet announced their Sesquicentennial events to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, here are a few events that have been announced.

Arkansas’s Civil War Sesquicentennial Events:

150th Anniversary Battle of Prairie Grove Re-enactment

December 1, 2012 – December 2, 2012

Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park

506 E. Douglas Street
Prairie Grove, AR 72753
Ph: 479-846-2990

The park will commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Prairie Grove; original Battle of Prairie Grove, fought on December 7, 1862, saw about 22,000 soldiers fighting most of the day, with about 2,700 killed, wounded, or missing. Every even-numbered year, Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park hosts a battle reenactment. During the weekend there will be many lead and self-guided activities including tours through the Union, Confederate, and civilian camps, various military drills, cooking, spinning, and lace making demonstrations along with other living history programs. "Sutlers Row" features a number of vendors selling 19th century reproduction, books, and souvenirs. The battle demonstration begins at 1 p.m. each day, featuring charges and counterattacks by Union and Confederate infantry and cavalry. The reenactment is held on the actual battlefield near the historic Borden House. Contact the park (closer to event time) for a detailed schedule. Reenactors, contact the park to register. – Admission: Free. Parking is $5 per vehicle.

South Carolina’s Civil War Sesquicentennial Events
Battle for Broxton Bridge

145 Anniversary and 9th Annual Reenactment (February 26-28)
Battle of Aiken – with Confederate camp tours, crafts, presentations, food and music (February 19-21, 2010).

Skirmish at Gamble’s Hotel
Reenactments, educational program, a Ball, and Barbeque (Florence, March 6-7, 2010)

Battle of Anderson, SC 

Reenactment at 715 Due West Road, Honea Path, SC (April 9, 10, & 11)

Crosskeys Living History
May 1st and 2nd 2010, reenactments, colors, drills, Jefferson Davis arrival (Union, Crosskeys Plantation).

Save the Day

Reenactment of the assault on Battery Wagner, by the Volunteer reenactors from Company I, 54th Massachusetts Reenactment Regiment (July 16, 2010, Morris Island).

Morris Island/North and South History Tour
Two hour event featuring professional historians DJ Tucker and Joseph McGill, Jr.  Hear the storied history of this island. (September 18, 2010).

Tennessee’s ‘s Civil War Sesquicentennial Events

2010: The Coming of the Civil War

Date: Nov. 12-13, 2010
Region: Middle Tennessee

Location: Nashville, TN

Tennessee’s Sesquicentennial Signature Event: The Coming of the Civil War will be a two-day event held in Nashville on November 12-13, 2010. This inaugural Sesquicentennial event will feature several prominent Nashville attractions including the Tennessee State Museum, Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park, Tennessee State Library and Archives, and the Tennessee Performing Arts Center. The Sesquicentennial event will offer opportunities for school children, history professionals, visitors, and life-long learners to get involved in living history activities, performances, and panel discussions.

Alabama’s ‘s Civil War Sesquicentennial Events

Fort Morgan

Mobile Bay, Ala.
At Fort Morgan, which guarded Mobile Bay during the Civil War, the Alabama Historical Commission is preparing new restrooms and concessions and making plans for re-enactors to appear and candlelight tours.

Blue and Gray Education Society American Civil War Sesquicentennial Programs

2010 thru 2015

In celebration of the Sesquicentennial of the American Civil War, the Blue and Gray Education Society is honored to offer this systematic and comprehensive study of the Civil War.  Some of the programs are stand alone ones; others are best enjoyed as a series (Vicksburg, Red River Campaign, Grant’s Greatest Campaigns, and the Siege of Petersburg), although each can be attended individually as you wish.  We are sure you’ll find something of interest to intrigue you.  To be added to our inquiry list and to receive registration materials as they become available, please email

November 2010: The 1860 Secession Convention of South Carolina, from Charleston

February 2011:  Crisis of the Union:  A New Nation Conference–Montgomery
March 2011:  The Mobile Campaign:  Orange Beach, Alabama
April 2011:  The Guns of Fort Sumter Conference and Tour:  Charleston, SC
May 2011:  Vicksburg 4, Vicksburg
June 2011:  Old Men and Young Boys—The First Attack at Petersburg June 1864, Petersburg
July 2011:  Manassas:  Conscious of a Nation, Seminar and Tour, Manassas, Virginia
September 2011: The Fight for Missouri: The Battles of Wilson’s Creek, Pea Ridge and Prairie Grove, from Fayetteville, Arkansas.
September 2011:  The Red River Campaign:  Part 1
October 2011:  The South at War Conference and Tour, Atlanta
October 2011:  Vicksburg 5
November 2011:  Burnside in North Carolina
November 2011:  Grant’s Greatest Campaigns:  The Relief of Chattanooga

February 2012:  The Charleston Conference:  Why the Civil War Still Matters
March 2012:  The Federals Grab a Foothold:  The Battles of Port Royal Sound, Fort Pulaski and Secessionville
April 2012:  The Yankees Close the Mississippi at New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Natchez
May 2012:  Vicksburg 6
May 2012:  Jackson’s Valley Campaign from Winchester.
June 2012:  Take that Hill if Practicable:  Ewell at Gettysburg
August 2012:  The 1862 Kentucky Campaign with additional visits to Camp Wildcat and Mill Springs
September  2012:  The Red River Campaign Part 2
October 2012:  Vicksburg 7
November 2012:  BGES Staff Ride of Stones River
December 2012:  Walking Tour of the Battle of Fredericksburg

March 2013:  Vicksburg 8
April 2013:  Chancellorsville:  A detailed seminar and tour
April 2013:  Grant’s Greatest Campaigns:  Grant Wins Vicksburg, a seminar and tour encompassing Grand Gulf, Port Gibson, Raymond, Jackson, Champion Hill and Big Black River Bridge
June 2013:  Three Days that Changed the World:  The Battle of Gettysburg
July 2013:  The Sable Edge, Blacks in the Union Army a seminar and tour based in Charleston, SC  (Includes Morris Island, Sherman’s March and Honey Hill)
August 2013:  The Tullahoma Campaign
October 2013:  Grant’s Greatest Campaigns:  The Key is in his Pocket:  Grant Takes Vicksburg
October 2013:  A Walking Tour of Chickamauga
November 2013:  Wounded, Weakened and Dangerous, The Army of Northern Virginia in the Fall of 1863
November 2013:  Grant’s Greatest Campaigns:  Chattanooga

February 2014: The Charleston Conference:  Innovations in Warfare, a symposium with tours
March 2014:  The Atlanta Campaign through the March to the Sea
April 2014:  From Brandy Station to Williamsport, JEB Stuart in the Gettysburg Campaign
May 2014:  The Battles of the Wilderness and Spotsylvania
June 2014:  The Battles for the North Anna and Cold Harbor
July 2014:  The Siege of Petersburg Part 1 through December 1864
August 2014:  The Burning of the Shenandoah Valley, a Seminar and Tour
October 2014:  Early’s Valley Campaign
November 2014:  War in Western Virginia—The Early Campaigns

January 2015:  The Wilmington Campaign
February 2015:  Sherman’s March through the Carolinas
March 2015:  BGES Staff Ride of the Battle of Bentonville
April 2015:  Siege of Petersburg, Part 2 and the Retreat to Appomattox
May 2015:  The Murder of Abraham Lincoln, seminar and tour
June 2015:  “A New Birth of Freedom, Changes in America in the Wake of the War”  A Symposium in Springfield, Illinois
August 2015:  “I wish I was in the land of Cotton”  A symposium on Reconstruction and the image of the Lost Cause in Lexington, Virginia
October 2015:  McClellan’s Peninsula Campaign—The Monitor and Merrimac through the Battle of Williamsburg
November 2015:  “The Greatest Generation?”  A Comparative Symposium of the Achievements of the Civil War and WW II Veterans in New Orleans
December 2015:  “Was the South Right?”  A Constitutional Debate from where it all started.  Charleston, SC

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