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Websites can help sell your trip

Have you ever seen a gorgeous travel photo on the Internet and immediately wanted to step inside it? With a growing numbers of people turning to the web for their travel information, you can use the Internet to reach people like never before. Having a web presence is an important step in marketing your future faith-based trips to potential travelers.

If your travel group is affiliated with a church, ask the church to help you put up some Web pages about your religious trips. A visible link on the church’s homepage can take viewers to information on your past and future trips.
If you aren’t affiliated with a church, it is even more vital that you have a user-friendly website where you boast all of the reasons why to book your trips. Keep the site simple by testing it out yourself to see if others could easily find all of your information and how to contact you. People should always clearly know where to click next.

On your travel group’s web page, highlight your upcoming trips with as much information as you have. Include details from the itinerary, the accommodations and the price. Also either offer online registration or another way to easily sign up for future trips, such as your email or phone number. Make your contact information visible, since some may need the personal touch of a phone call to convince them to book with you even after they have seen you website.

A good thing about the Internet is its ability to show fantastic travel photos without costing you any printing fees, so utilize this important feature. An amazing travel photo can certainly help sell a trip. Also include photos of past trips showing your group having a good time. This can help illustrate the fellowship possible on one of your trips. A few references from travelers can also provide beneficial word of mouth praise about the strengths of your religious travel group.

To persuade hesitant group travelers, include a section that highlights the values of traveling with a group somewhere on your website. People that might otherwise not have considered going on a faith-based group trip because of preconceived notions about group travel can be convinced by a list of the pros. For more information about group travel, visit our Group Travel 101 section.

For example, you can mention how group travel allows passengers use group discount rates and travel without any of the planning and transportation worries. One of the most important benefits to traveling in a faith-based group is the fellowship and the spiritual benefit you can get from your other travelers. So always make that a focus of your travel group’s web presence.