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Welcoming and Relaxed Lincoln, Nebraska (Sponsored)

It’s difficult to have spiritual reflection and fellowship when surrounded by the noise and congestion of a busy city. Lincoln, Nebraska lends itself to be the perfect location to host a tour or meeting for faith-based groups with its welcoming citizens and relaxed way of life.

Tour groups will find a variety of unique sites to add to an itinerary to Lincoln beginning with a stop at First Plymouth Church to view its historic stones. Three unique stones are located on the church grounds to commemorate the church’s religious heritage. The Martin Luther Stone, at the base of the Carillon Tower, was taken from the house where the Reformation leader was born. This stone, a gift from the city of Eisleben, Germany, symbolizes the beginning of Protestantism and the roots in the Reformed traditions of the Christian faith. The Pilgrim Stone, also at the base of the Carillon Tower, was a gift from Plymouth, England. It was taken from the house in which it is thought the Pilgrims stayed before setting sail for the North American continent in 1620 on the Mayflower. The Bethlehem Stone, which comes from the town of Jesus’ birth, is found at the top of the chancel steps in the sanctuary. Its placement gives witness to the centrality of Jesus Christ to the congregation’s faith, life, and ministry.

A Memorial Labyrinth is located at Sheridan Lutheran Church in central Lincoln. A labyrinth is a pathway that assists people in centering themselves, finding balance, wholeness and connecting to the Divine. The walking path of a labyrinth moves forward by turning equally right and left creating multiple circuits that always lead to the center. In this simple pattern, the labyrinth captures many aspects of life-journey, rhythm, search, discovery, change, trust and our movement inward to sacred space. This mini pilgrimage commemorates and celebrates the mysteries of Christ’s life. It symbolizes the true path to eternal life, a contemplative way of following Jesus who journeyed as we do through life and death to resurrection. Visit the Welcome Center for more information on the grounds and to inquire about guided tours, which are available.

Quilts often tell a story, often a story wrapped with religious context. The International Quilt Museum located on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus maintains the world’s largest publicly held collection of quilts, dating back to the 1700’s. Groups get an opportunity to tour the exhibit learning the stories behind the quilts and go behind-the-scenes to learn what is involved in the preservation and restoration of these historic quilts.

What also makes Lincoln a unique place to visit is the relationship the Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau has with the faith-based community. They established the Religious Advisory Council, comprised of churches of various denominations and beliefs. This group and its subsets, including Women in Ministry, work with the CVB to ensure that religious tours and meetings are fully taken care of and supported. Contact Kelsey McGreer with the Lincoln CVB to plan your next visit.

The International Quilt Museum on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus

The Memorial Labyrinth at Sheridan Lutheran Church in central Lincoln

The Bethlehem Stone, one of the historic stones at First Plymouth Church