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Five Upcoming Faith-Based Cruises for 2018

Breath, relax and enjoy the laid-back cruise lifestyle while strengthening your group’s faith and bonds on one of these Christian-based cruises. Each cruise explores both picturesque vacation hot spots, as well as ways to renew your communion with God.


1.) Cruising Closer With God: Lands of the Bible Cruise

Celebrity Cruises with Marianatha Tours

Departs: October 7

Length: 13 Days

Follow the footsteps of Christ himself on this cruise along the coast of Israel. The ship continues on to trace the journey of the apostle Paul in Athens. Inspirational and informational talks by Dr. Joshua Thambiraj and Dr. Elizabeth Thambiraj will focus on both faith, history and wellness.


2.) Lands of the Bible Cruise

Celebrity Cruises

Departs: October 6, October 29 or November 11

Length: 14 Days

Guest speaker Rev. Dr. Philip Ruge-Jones will explain the Biblical background of each of the Biblical sites visited. Ruge-Jones is a popular scholar, storyteller, parish pastor and professor of theology at the Texas Lutheran University. The cruise will explore stops in Rome, Israel and Greece.


3.) Pilgrimage to Greece

Celestyal with Select International

Departs: April 22

Length: 10 Days

Follow the path the apostle Paul took in Greece while learning about the intriguing saint who is the focus of the second half of the Acts of the Apostles and the first thirteen letters of the New Testament. Pilgrimage leader Stephen Binx will speak on Paul, while Fr. Mike Schatzle will serve as the cruise’s spiritual director.


4.) Enchanting Rhine Cruise and Reformation Tour


Departs: November 8

Duration: 10 Days

The director for the Wittenberg English Ministry in Germany, Rev. Robert Flohrs, will guest speak at the Reformation-themed cruise along the Rhine. Passengers will stop at postcard-worthy towns in Holland and Germany. Highlights will include folklore dances, religious lectures, themed dinners and onboard musical performances.


5.) Tulip Time Cruise with Bishop Will Willimon


Departs: April 6

Duration: 9 Days

Enjoy the famous Tulip Time event in Amsterdam will learning from one of the most read author among United Methodist pastors. Bishop Will Willimon will guest speak on the cruise, as he has on many ETS cruises throughout the world.


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