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Mission Spotlight: Orphan Outreach

For eight years, Orphan Outreach has worked in Guatemala, Honduras, India, Kenya, Latvia and Russia to take care of some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people.

“Orphan Outreach was founded by six individuals that had been working in orphan ministry for many years,” said director of marketing Tiffany Taylor Wines. “We found a particular need to reach out and create programs that were going to make a long-term difference for the children. We had seen that time and time again, mission teams came in and wanted to be involved in an orphanage, but they weren’t making a long-term difference.”

To have a more lasting impact on the children, Orphan Outreach sets up ongoing programs in their communities that include education, spiritual leadership and transition assistance that help graduates lead fulfilling lives as adult members of society. The ministry partners with churches that are encouraged to bring short-term mission teams to work with the children year after year.

“The church partnership is huge,” Wines said. “It allows these children to see the same faces year after year and emphasizes that they are not alone. It allows us to make a transformation in the orphanages. Often, the members of the church are sponsoring the children and praying for the kids.”

Short-term mission trips to Orphan Outreach projects range in length from five to 11 days. Depending on their skills, travelers might assist in medical clinics, construction projects, community outreach or vacation bible schools.

“Every trip has a very important component, which is time with the children,” Wines said. “We spend time with them in the word, crafts and recreation. The children are so proud to have a church on the other side of the world that loves them.”


For more information contact Orphan Outreach at 972-941-4440 or go to the website