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Seven Popular Christian Podcasts To Try Today

Though faith-based travel transports you to soul-stirring destinations, it leaves you with a lot of down time. Devote some of that time to God by trying out some of these top-rated Christian podcasts.

Download a few episodes of these Christian podcasts that strike your interest and listen to them the next time you have a long drive or flight.

General Christian:

1.) One Year Daily Audio Bible

Each day of the year tens of thousands of people tune in for a daily Bible audio recording broadcasted from Nashville, Tennessee. Brian Hardin, a Christian music producer, reads different passages each day with commentary afterwards.

2.) Are You Real

Jon Fuller interviews people of various denominations to reveal the Christianity that they live out every day. The podcast relates the trials these people have undergone and how their faith guided them through.


3.) Joel Osteen Podcast

The most popular Christian podcast in the country, the Joel Osteen Podcast delivers uplifting sermons similar to the ones he preaches at Lakewood Church, his nondenominational charismatic Christian megachurch in Houston, Texas.


4.) Gospel in Life

Presbyterian and Christian apologist Timothy Keller preaches some of his most inspiring sermons for the Gospel in Life podcast. The NY Times best-selling author of “The Reason for God: Belief in the Age of Skepticism” has received an enthusiastic following far beyond his congregation at the Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City.


5.) John Piper Sermons

The founder of, John Piper has authored more than 50 books and travels regularly to preach and teach. Piper delivers his sermons based on his theological standpoint of a Calvinist Baptist.


6.) Catholic Stuff You Should Know

One of the most popular Catholic podcasts in the country, Catholic Stuff You Should Know delves out Catholic banter and commentary from four priests. Not only educational, but interwoven with hilarious repartee between these entertaining parish priests.


7.) Homebrewed Christianity

Dialogues between various theologians, philosophers and scholars strive to deepen the conversation around faith and theology. The most popular theology podcast in the world, Homebrewed Christianity doesn’t want to tell you what to think, but wants to instead reveal what the experts say so you can form your own conclusions.

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