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2016 Faith-Based Attractions Guide

Check out these top faith-based attractions to inspire your group for 2016. Click below for an expanded profile on each.


Billy Graham Library

At the Billy Graham Library guides delve deeper into Graham’s history, and a special tour of his boyhood home and the headquarters for his ministry is included.


Creation Museum

Because of its worldview, the cutting-edge Creation Museum is the only experience of its kind in the world.


Holy Land Experience

A ministry of Trinity Broadcasting Network, the Holy Land Experience runs with the same energy and enthusiasm characteristic of the television network.


Shrine of the Christ’s Passion

The Shrine of the Christ’s Passion is a half-mile path studded with 40 life-size bronze sculptures that depict Christ’s journey from the Last Supper through his ascension.


Sight and Sound Theatres

With two locations, Sight and Sound Theatres has earned a reputation as America’s foremost faith-based theater company, producing Broadway-quality musicals that tell stories from the Bible on a grand scale.


‘The Great Passion Play’ and Christ of the Ozarks

Eureka Springs, Arkansas is home to the Christ of the Ozarks and ‘The Great Passion Play’.